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Existing networks don’t support the building of strong relationships between affiliates and your company. Instead, they manage affiliates for many companies at once – and it works to their advantage when affiliates divide their time between brands. So, an affiliate network won’t be invested in helping your brand build close relationships with affiliates.

  • At MyAffiliates, we believe that our clients deserve the complete package from day one, no hidden costs.
  • It allows your affiliate program to send the required conversion data to an affiliate tracker whenever a certain event occurs.
  • Each affiliate can print their own code and get credit when people purchase through it.
  • You want to know how well affiliates are doing and what you can do to improve affiliate performance.
  • First of all, you need to decide for yourself whether to develop your own affiliate management platform from scratch or use some ready-made software for managing affiliate programs.

Plus, it lets you track the success of your program, so you know if you’re reaching your goals. TUNE lets you build, grow, and manage partner networks through its marketing technology. While it has a powerful SaaS design, other platforms include web-based solutions, cloud, and mobile devices. Affiliate marketers and advertisers can browse the available brands with an elegant interface that’s effortless to use. Affise is an easy-to-use and highly customizable marketing platform designed for sales professionals and agencies that manage their PA and affiliate networks.

Automate your affiliate partner recruitment using the algorithm-driven discovery engine. Easily communicate with and build strong relationships with your affiliates. The API integration comes at no extra cost, and you won’t need any coding knowledge to implement it.

Post Affiliate Pro integrates with over 200 CMS’s and payment gateways

Learn what affiliate management is, its components, and how to streamline the entire process using affiliate management software. Also, choose your ideal solution from our list of top 13 affiliate management software tools. Digital marketers worldwide indicate that Voluum is one of the best affiliate software for optimizing, tracking, and automation.

affiliate management software

The affiliate system is a perfect strategy to increase your brand’s popularity – It’s flexible and multi-functional. Build your business with a platform that does all the hard work for you. You can set your Affiliate Interface to any language you prefer on our platform. Thanks to our system of XML, API’s are also available allowing you to import and export information to and from the system at your leisure. Custom made reports and XML APIs are also available upon request and delivered in a timely manner.

Use Affiliatly to add a pop-up box to your Shopify checkout page that invites new customers to join the referral program. Built-in CRM. Sending seasonal promotions, marketing messaging, and new product launch information helps affiliates create their own campaigns. Choose a tool that offers email marketing and direct messaging and add one less software to your toolstack. Affiliate marketing is the process of partnering with bloggers, publishers, or influencers who promote your products to their own audience.

Refer to the checklist at the top of each article to see whether your next tool offers what you need to run a successful program. Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing platform that handles every aspect of your program—from inviting influencers to join to monitoring results and sending commission payouts. However, if you’re still unsure about which affiliate management tool to choose, firstly, look at the affiliate platforms with a free trial and try them out. Your choice of affiliate tracking software should be based on a number of factors. Everflow is quite an expensive piece of affiliate tracking software, which means it is probably not the right fit for SMBs that just want to manage their affiliate promoters. UpPromote offers 4 plans to choose from, the first being completely free with unlimited affiliates/referral links.

Packed with Features

Create an infinitely scalable affiliate network powered by automation, real-time data reporting, and unique branding features. Though, it doesn’t feature some essential affiliate features you’d expect, such as affiliate tracking or fraud detection security. Therefore, brands need to utilize the right affiliate marketing software to stay competitive and maximize ROI in today’s highly competitive affiliate marketing space. If you’re looking for a custom integration and set-up with their onboarding team, you’ll need to contact Impact for pricing terms.

Software exists to do this so you can free up time to spend on higher impact tasks. Now that you know why software is needed for the best affiliate program management, and how to select the one that fits your needs, it’s time to dive into what exactly affiliate management entails. In affiliate management, you function much like a liaison between your company and your affiliates.

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The Auto-Grab function draws in any offers that match your selection criteria, which you can work through for the best choices. You can also adjust the type of alerts you want to receive, such as CR and unique clicks. You can configure access to promotional materials for each affiliate.

They lack the ability to analyze granular SaaS metrics within the dashboard reporting. More integrations across different platforms would be a great value-add. These functions give you full control over your target traffic, costs, and affiliate promotions.

Which affiliate marketing tools are in your toolstack?

The Vene Dash platform is another performance marketing system created for advertisers, networks, publishers, agencies, and content providers. You can manage offers and improve performance with streamlined workflow processes. Even if you have a small business, you can scale your services with intelligent smartlinks, URL checkers, and billing tools. Notably, one trait that makes CAKE one of the best affiliate software providers is its live reporting and digital tracking capability. That makes it easy to follow affiliate and campaign performance in real time, making adjustments on the go to increase ROI. Cake offers integrated lead distribution and multichannel marketing solutions.

This helps to retain top talent, keep all parties satisfied, and create opportunities for growth. OSI Affiliate is an affordable and simple to use affiliate marketing software that is great for beginners to the affiliate marketing game. It allows for easy creation of automated partnerships and referral programs. Their software allows for you to easily manage your campaigns all in one place with email templates, excellent reporting, and even discount code management. Taking into consideration of all the necessary features required to run a successful affiliate campaign, an ideal affiliate marketing software application may cost you as low as $50 per month. Though some have basic plans starting at $15 per month as well they will have very little features.

affiliate management software

Affise is the best affiliate and partner marketing software for affiliate managers who are looking for a way to track their affiliate performance and automate their program. Affise gives you the ability to manage your entire affiliate program, from start to finish, in one place. You affiliate management system can see who’s converting visitors into customers, what they’re buying, how much they’re spending on your site, and so much more. Plus, it has a built-in CRM that lets you keep track of all of your affiliates, so you can find out how they’re doing and follow up with them when needed.

Fortunately, you can register for a free trial or test a demo to see if the software can be of any value to you. The Traffic Distribution AI scans the network for the most profitable mix of landing pages and ads. There’s an Anti-Fraud Kit, designed to defend your ads from malicious attacks. When it comes to automatic workflow, you can set up alerts and rules for the entire affiliate network. Post Affiliate Pro isn’t shy when it comes to marketing tools you can use. With over 10 available, the top types include Banner Rotator, Flash Banners, Lightbox Banners, and SmartLinks.

A Comprehensive Guide To Partnership Marketing (And How It Can Help You)

The pricing varies with increasing numbers of tracking requests, and affiliate users. Also, very few software charge extra on the basis of monthly SEO support through add-ons. Almost all software gives you free set up advice, help you in listing directories and charge almost nothing on transactions. The software should give you the option of using your preferred domains.

You have access to detailed guides, an in-depth knowledge base, a development roadmap, a help desk, and a 24/7 live chat option. There are also several competitive services to enjoy that relate to affiliates, members, and subscriptions. Additionally, CAKE released a mobile app in early 2021, allowing users to receive live tracking reports without logging on to their desktop platforms. It also supports campaign creation, pixel placements, and affiliate management. With this software, you can optimize the dashboard of your affiliates, and make it more accessible and functional.


Whichever tool you’re using, make sure it integrates with your ecommerce platform (even better if there’s a Shopify app for it). Start your free trial, then enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month when you sign up for a monthly Basic or Starter plan. Post Affiliate Pro has an audit log feature available, which is a type of detailed reporting feature to gain a comprehensive overview with timestamps and actions made in your account.

Once you’re part of the network, you can boost your lead generation by maximizing your partner’s content. Additionally, there’s a section where you can place products you want to monetize. Known today as CJ Affiliate, its platform provides access to hundreds of markets and brands for your network in one place. It has a vast selection of reports to choose from, showcasing more results than most of its competitors.

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After thorough research of various software, my colleagues and I chose Post Affiliate Pro. The software is very user-friendly and provides all the key functionality we need. The customer support team is extremely helpful and responds to our questions in a very timely manner. Automatically reward affiliate partners with commission bonuses when they reach sales milestones. Cake is another affiliate marketing platform available via web, cloud, or SaaS.

Impact is one of the best affiliate software of 2021 for optimal cloud automation. Its signature Impact Partnership Cloud lets you expand and scale your network, whether you’re dealing with influencers, publishers, or mobile apps. You can develop automated campaigns to nurture long-lasting relationships. We’ve packed iDevAffiliate with all of today’s most popular toolsto make management as easy as possible.


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